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Dunbeag is an ecological restoration woodland, set in 30 acres of ancient mid-atlantic oak woodland in Tighnabruaich in Argyll. Since 1995 we have been removing the exotic conifer species, underplanted in the oaks, and rhododendron and encouraging the woodland to regenerate naturally. Although there is some deer fencing, we understand that deer are a natural part of this ecology, so we use natural deterents in blocking routes into the forest and the presence of the dogs naturally keeps them from browsing too heavily, or closely - they just love our vegetables.

Every build project is usually trialling softwoods in construction and in cladding. This includes the bunkhouse, a charcoal hut, a treehouse workshop, a small summerhouse and my original roundhouse - all in situ at Dunbeag. All timber for construction is milled on site in the forest with a mobile Lucas mill, extracted by log chute and used in the buildings while still mostly ‘green’ (i.e. unseasoned)

The timber is also used for various eco-school projects, environmental fairs, our own buildings (hen house, duck house and dog kennel) and lots of other community work.

We are off-grid with renewable energy provided from photovoltaic solar panels and a small micro hydro from the Eas an Duin burn. We grow most of our own organic(chemical free) vegetables in the garden and polytunnels. There are over 15 varieties of northern hardy apple, pear, plum in the orchard and lots of soft fruits for the picking (enough for us and the local bird population).

Dunbeag is our habitat and our home where we are learning to establish a small niche/footprint in this ecology.
Our vegetables
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