Community Composting
We run a community compost scheme here at Dunbeag which has provided an FREE alternative to sending organic material to land fill in Dunoon. Mainly general garden waste is brought to the scheme but also larger diameter prunings from shrubs and hedges which has to be chipped. All this material is then mixed together to provide a good ratio of carbon to nitrogen and moved to the compost heaps using a small dumper truck.

Unfortunately the site is now contaminated with New Zealand Flatworm and their eggs. But the resulting compost has been an invaluable resource which has been used in the forest garden, orchards and polytunnels to increase the soil levels, nutrients and the organic content of the soil. The Dunbeag community composting scheme has been one of 15 UK wide demonstration sites for several years but will be closing soon and operations will be transferred to the new Kilfinan Community Forest composting site.

We are now converting over to wormcast composting using a hot composter and garden waste as well as kitchen waste to feed and house our wormeries. We are reducing the habitats which allow the flatworms to flourish and our resident earthworms are beginning to return to our soils.

Hurrah for the earthworm!

Initial trails have been very positive with strong varieties of vegetables and fruit being produced.
A chipper shreader makes short work of any woody material
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