Buildings at Dunbeag 
The first building we built at Dunbeag c.1997 was the workshop which was my home for 6 years. Built on tree stumps with boards milled with a chainsaw and a home-made jig, all other materials were re-claimed. It is built from 100% sitka spruce with no treatment and it is still a highly useable space 13 years later.

The bunkhouse was built using timber cut with a mobile Lucas mill, a revelation after 7 years pushing a chainsaw mill. It took 6 months in total to: fell the trees, mill the timber, send it down the logchute, prepare the site, build the house and move in. It is virtually all sitka spruce treated externally with tarinol made from equal parts of pine/stockholm tar, boiled linseed and turpentine. For a modern house it is small, just over 6m diameter or about 30m2. It is compact and cosy and makes a fine home.

Most recent is the experimental small massive timber summerhouse. Built using 6 by 6 (150x150mm) beams up to 5m long from sitka and noble fir as the basic building blocks. The result is a massive timber building with 6 thick solid floor and walls which lock up carbon and give it natural fire retardency. It was a joy to build and very quick, like building with giant lego. Could be an appropriate self-build technique for forest crofts or rural dwellings
Bunk House
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